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Fujian super solar  energy technology co., ltd. is an international hi-tech solar photovoltaic company that focuses on total solution and relative facilities research, manufacture and sales for photovoltaic power plant. The headquarter of company is located at Xiamen China, a beautiful coastal city.

  Three core business of company are: auxiliary products manufacturing business for photovoltaic power plant; development and construction service business for photovoltaic power plant; investment business center on clean energy.


 Total solution for photovoltaic power plant; systematic design and manufacture for solar bracket products are two core business of company. The products of company are diversified and innovative, and providing reasonable total solution for photovoltaic bracket system. Sales of photovoltaic electricity electronic products are important project supporting business of company, including Combiner box, inverter, and operation supervision system products of photovoltaic power plant. The performance of products is outstanding, and greatly improves the stability of photovoltaic power plant and investment benefits.

The company has a professional and experienced team on total solution and bracket system design of solar power generation. The company and its strategy partners and relative institutions have built up a perfect one-stop service system on research and development, optimization design, manufacture and investment of solar power station. From off-grid system to residence roof, from business application to large-scale solar power station, our company provides high-efficiency, energy saving, stable, high quality and economical price products and service on design and supply of all kinds of complicated roof and floor bracket system for different kinds of clients.


  In the face of clean energy developing opportunity, the company keeps the concept of “innovation, quality, and service”, centers on clients, and provides first-class service through high-efficiency design and manufacture.

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Fujian Super Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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