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Record-breaking SNEC in Shanghai

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During the three-day SNEC exhibition, which opened on Monday, leading module manufacturers released new high-efficiency products, most of them based on cutting-edge PV technologies such as bifacial, next-generation PERC and n-type products, to reach new power records or higher transmission efficiency.


GCL launched new 300+ series products including single-glass and glass-glass modules equipped with multi-busbar (MBB) technology for mono and poly products. 

Jinko even showcased a Cheetah product with a remarkable 410 W for one piece of module.

Longi presented its latest Hi-Mo3 series, with bifacial half-cut cell PERC products and Jinko showcased new mono n-type bifacial modules. 


Hefei-based Sungrow released six new products, including 1000 V and 1500 V string inverters with power ratings of 136 kW and 166 kW, respectively, which can significantly reduce the system cost of distributed PV projects. 

And Shenzhen-based Huawei released a string inverter for the residential market with a record-setting efficiency of 98.65%, as inverter manufacturers pull out the stops to prepare for the anticipated boom in the residential PV market in mainland China.

Whether the Chinese PV market ends up with slightly less or slightly more than 50 GW this year, it is clearly the colossus of the global market and will affect the pricing of solar materials, cells and modules for the foreseeable future. 

With an increasing number of people working in the industry, PV looks set be even more important to China’s central government as it seeks to wean the country off thermal power and onto renewable energy.

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